Theatre Show.
Rhubarb Rhubarb

Australian Center for the Moving Image, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne 2010.
Old Fitz Theatre, Imperial Panda Festival, Sydney 2011.

Welcome to The Barumpool Film Museum, a broken down tourist trap in a remote country town. It’s not about accuracy or even safety. It’s about getting to the rebirth you were promised when you first got on the minibus.

A darkly comic journey into the heart of cinematic obsession.

A lonely shut-in with a terrible screenplay, two twin brothers trapped in a VHS nightmare, a rickety ghost train, the birth of cinema and a haunted film museum hungry for souls. Pilfering elements of horror and fantasy, this wildly ambitious show utilizes holographic projections, intricate dioramas and tiny cameras within an ever-evolving DIY set to create an innovative and immersive theatre experience.

2010 show starring Cecily Hardy and The Holographic Ghost of Eddie Sharp
2011 show starring Nat Randall and The Holographic Ghost of Nick Coyle
Written by Eddie Sharp & Kenzie Larsen with Nat Randall, Cecily Hardy & Nick Coyle
Set Design, Holograms and Technical Wizardry by Will Mansfield with Eddie Sharp, Kali Reid and Kenzie Larsen
Music by SPOD
Directed by Eddie Sharp
Produced by Kali Reid

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